Slaves have no rights, you own nothing. Even your name is not your own, it can be changed at any time (in fact, for an unowned boy it may be changed several times at the will of your Mistress, so be prepared). Any items your Owner gives you can just as easily be taken away. Her will supersedes your own, and her tiniest whim is your absolute law

Slaves will never look into the eyes of his Mistress without her permission;

Your head must be bowed down in the presence of your Mistress;

You must never tighten your body when it is being whipped, caned, cropped, slapped, paddled, belted, strapped, spanked. Mistress Nina likes it when your flesh jiggles;

To receive pleasure you must earn it.


A Good slave:

Will Bring tokens of appreciation to his Mistress. As you know Mistress Nina is a spoiled woman that loves reciving gifts and massages;

Will proudly wear upon his body the marks given to him by his Mistress. You know that your Master will never mark you permanently without your agreement, but you will gladly suffer for Her so she can mark you with the stripes she wishes to decorate your body with for Her viewing pleasure;

Will not hesitate in his obedience to Mistress Nina;

Will learn to endure whippings from his Mistress by using the technique of counting each strike;

Must never show disrespect for his Mistress in any way no matter where he is;

Must tell his Mistress when he has been bad and give the reasons why he needs to be punished;

Will make all his choices based upon whether or not they will please Mistress Nina.

Mistress Nina